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Are you seeking an expat commercial mortgage? Are you non-UK national? As specialists we have tailored solutions to make your money work harder...


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As independent mortgage advisers we access niche and mainstream lenders for residential owner occupier properties for expats and non UK residents...


Expat & Foreign National Mortgages

Whole breadth of mortgage solutions from ‘buy-to-lets’, bridging loans, offshore, Islamic, international. Let our expertise work to your advantage...


Complementary Property Services 

We offer holistic solutions when arranging mortgages i.e. insurance, foreign exchange, conveyancing etc. We hold your hand through the entire process…

‘COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES’: We have a wide spectrum of UK commercial mortgages for UK expats from both mainstream and niche specialist lenders primarily based in the UK and also offshore and 'exclusive' deals.

We are also getting increasing enquiries from non-UK residents seeking to invest in commercial property and want competitive terms. Property development finance and bridging loans is an area we can add value. If you have an existing commercial property or ‘buy to let’ portfolio and seek a remortgage or to release equity, or simply better rates let's have a discreet conversation, you have nothing to lose as we do not charge upfront fees. Your success is our success.
‘RESIDENTIAL OWNER OCCUPIER MORTGAGES’: Are you struggling to find the right mortgage as an overseas resident buying property in the UK? There maybe many reasons why you might select to purchase a property in the UK. You may be seeking a second home and take advantage of stable UK property market and seek capital appreciation, or buying a property for a child studying. We can navigate you through complicated aspects of a property purchase or remortgage.

If you’re residing outside the UK, or live in the UK as a non UK domiciled-resident and you may have complications in obtaining finance, with our wealth of experience and lender relationships we would love to talk and understand your specific needs.
‘BUY-to-LETS’: Do you seek an ‘expat mortgage’ to purchase a UK ‘buy-to-let property’ as an investment or simply seek to release equity perhaps to purchase another property? You have come to the right place, we deal with clients on an international basis. Often we deal with challenging cases, and this is an area we thrive. As specialists we seek to provide tailored finance mortgages for British expats and foreign nationals at the right terms and costs that work for you.
FOREIGN NATIONAL MORTGAGE BROKERS: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, USA, Europe, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil etc (if country is not listed get in touch).

Are you a Chinese national working or living in the UK or residing abroad and seeking to purchase or remortgage a property in the UK? We have lenders that have appetite to lend.

Are you a UAE or Middle Eastern national working or living in the UK or residing abroad and seeking to purchase a property in the UK? We have Sharia Islamic compliant options of finance, from 'residential' to 'commercial', and 'development finance' for clients on a global basis.

REACH OUT: The mortgage and finance market is evolving all the time: new mortgage products, lending criteria, lending rates, new lender entrants to the mortgage market. We cannot comprehensively list everything on this site, it's merely to give you a flavour of what is possible for you. If you have a specific enquiry please contact us, the initial consultation is free and let's talk to find a viable solution.  

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Expat & Foreign Nationals 

As a British expat living and working outside of the UK, or a foreign national you may have struggled to obtain a mortgage or at the right terms and costs. We have built close working relationships with niche and specialist lenders offering finance solutions in challenging circumstances. Let us help you to realise what is possible and overcome any hurdles you may have faced.

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