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Specialist Brokers for Expat, Overseas, International and Foreign National Mortgages.

OffshoreMortgages.co.uk is an independent mortgage broker, and this is a specialist dedicated website offering mortgages and remortgages for 'UK expats' and 'foreign nationals' and 'non-UK domiciled' residents. 'Offshore Mortgages' is a trading name and owned by Independent Financial Services GB established in 2004.

We offer impartial advice and are not tied down to any specific bank, building society or financial institution where we can access the open markets to provide the best solution for you, giving you choice to make an informed decision. This can be from traditional high-street lenders, niche specialist lenders and access 'exclusive' mortgage options not readily available.

Independent Financial Services GB is authorised and regulated by the FCA and concentrates on certain sectors of the financial services industry, seeking to add real value and excellence:

  • Mainstream and specialist residential mortgages

  • Commercial mortgages & finance

  • General insurance - involving personal protection and commercial cover

  • Company employee benefits insurance
We operate by combination of telephone, face to face, Skype, and email to fit in best with your requirements from clients on an international basis. We offer a personal and attentive service providing mortgages from the whole of the market. You will not deal with admin staff, but deal directly with a senior financial adviser from start to end of the process.
Often our mortgage cases are complex, and with many variables in flux. Attention to detail is everything. We are thorough in the process as lenders have high bench mark demands and borrowing continues to be a challenge. When we act on your behalf there is an expectation for us to be efficient and professional which we take seriously. It may be old school but we care and furnish viable finance solutions based on individual circumstances. Our reputation is borne on client satisfaction and developing long term relationships.

Many customers state our approach is refreshing, perhaps you can experience the same.
Our clients often come to us as they are frustrated in not being able to source the right mortgage or remortgage, this is where we excel and go the extra mile. As we are focussed and deal driven in furnishing pro-active mortgage solutions and welcome to help you - let's have a friendly conversation and please do contact us to get the ball rolling.

Our Compliance Documents:

Regulatory protection:

  • Our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) no. 300740.

  • Our Consumer Credit License no. 664051

  • Our Data Protection no. Z8277628.

  • Our Professional Indemnity Insurance is via Lloyds of London.

Website Protection:

  • Secure connection 

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Expat & Foreign Nationals 

As a British expat living and working outside of the UK, or a foreign national you may have struggled to obtain a mortgage or at the right terms and costs. We have built close working relationships with niche and specialist lenders offering finance solutions in challenging circumstances. Let us help you to realise what is possible and overcome any hurdles you may have faced.

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