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Commercial Mortgages:

We offer a wide spectrum of commercial mortgage and remortgage products for 'UK expats' and 'foreign nationals'. Below is merely a selection. If you have a specific requirement please take the first step and get in touch. The initial consultancy is free to establish if we can be of assistance.


  • Commercial mortgages

  • Commercial re-mortgage

  • Buy-to-lets

  • Buy-to-let portfolios

  • Semi-commercial mortgage

  • Development finance

  • Mezzanine finance

  • Refurbishment funding

  • Land acquisition

  • Commercial bridging finance

  • Asset finance

  • Business finance

  • Islamic mortgages

  • Industrial & infastructure loans

  • UK energy projects

  • Plus much more...

An often commonly held and misguided belief amongst British expats and non-domiciled nationals residing abroad or even residing in the UK is that they feel they cannot secure a commercial mortgage. Dependent on your needs and circumstances, finance options are available to individuals, UK companies and offshore trust structures. As each transaction is never the same, we welcome to undertand your requirements in order to source the right mortgage solution.

Commercial 'short term' and 'term loans' can be structured in many differing ways: UK onshore or offshore, as a company name or trust structure. We have lenders that take a pragmatic approach depending on your circumstances and we can negotiate to obtain favourable terms. If you seek specialist tax advice we partner with tax consultants and barristers to provide a consistently high standard of financial support.

British Expatriate International Mortgages

We arrange bespoke Commercial mortgages and refinance 'expatriate', 'foreign nationals' and 'non UK residents' providing a tailored advisory service. Each transaction is different, and we negotiate strategically with lenders to achieve the best terms. Would you like to be in safe hands, and take advantage of our experience and lender relationships?

'Bridging Loans': Bridging Loans are used for a short term requirement or often to release equity quickly. In essence a 'bridge' to fix a short-term financial need. Bridging finance by its nature can be more flexible to allow for fast time sensitive funding solution.


There are many uses of bridging loans i.e. purchasing property, property development, land acquistion, pay tax, refurbish property, to redeem an existing bridging lender, remortgage - in essence for any legitimate legal reason.


The bridging market has evolved dramatically from the advent of the financial crisis in 2008. There are 'bridge' lenders that have appetite for different risk profiles, and offer rates and terms adjusted accordingly. We negotiate terms on behalf of our clients to obtain the right deal depending on their needs and circumtances, and can do the same for you.


Do not look at the rate alone, as there are many factors that need to be taken into account in obtaining bridging. We take a holistic view to obtain an overall package that works, and of course at the most favourable rates. Bridging loans can be complex to strike the right balance and we have a wide breadth of understanding and lender relationships in this sector built over many years.


We access a wide pool of lenders: banks, specialist niche lenders, offshore, and private funding.


Bridging Loans can be 'First Charge' or 'Second Charge' or even 'Thirds' and can be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or non FCA Regulated. We can cater for both types of loans and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - our FCA no is 300740. When comparing bear in mind certain lenders and brokers are not FCA regulated.


In certain circumstances particularly in property purchase and development we can combine 'mezzanine finance', an additional layer of funding on top of the 'first charge' or 'second charge' bridge to allow for a stretch in finance, and smooth the way for a transaction which may not otherwise be possible.


We can offer bridge loans also on tangible assets i.e. cars, jewellery, paintings etc and not necessarily 'bricks and mortar' property.

We have a wealth of industry experience in property finance and insurance. As experts we can offer you a diversified range of commercial mortgage and remortgage solutions. We are easy to talk with, and provide an attentive and personal service right from the start to end of the mortgage process.


Most our clients are savvy investors and entrepreneurs. We act as their preferred partners to enhance and grow their wealth and mitigate risk.

We appreciate that everyone will have different needs and financial circumstances, this is where we can help you to realise a competitive commercial mortgage solution, even if you have struggled previously and not obtained the right deal. There are no charges for the initial consultation, so why not contact us to discuss your requirements in utmost confidence.

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Expat & Foreign Nationals 

As a British expat living and working outside of the UK, or a foreign national you may have struggled to obtain a mortgage or at the right terms and costs. We have built close working relationships with niche and specialist lenders offering finance solutions in challenging circumstances. Let us help you to realise what is possible and overcome any hurdles you may have faced.

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